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Comprehensive Reviews & Testimonials Of Nial Fuller’s Forex Trading Courses From Nial’s Past Students. (Real Verified Reviews From Actual Students)


Nial, Just seen this course update. I would like to commend the efforts of you and your team in updating the price action course. This stuff is dynamite and i am sincerely enjoying it. I thank you very much
– Cyrus Titus Aomu
I just wanted to say a sincere and honest heartfelt thank you for everything you do. I can honestly say the way you teach is the absolute best on the internet. Your wisdom has literally given me the belief and knowledge to succeed.
– Michael
Nial, I have found the members Trade Setups Commentary section to be an invaluable teaching tool. The screen shots of the major pairs, coupled with your clear explanations, are worth the membership fee alone. I look forward to reading your members market commentary every day. Keep up the great work.
– David Clark
Nial Fuller is the epitome of a trader who harnesses the power of simple trading philosophies and his ideas and approach to professional trading are no doubt up there with the best I have seen. If I was starting my trading career all over again Nial would be the first person I would turn to for guidance and to put me on the right path. I strongly endorse everything Nial has to offer for any aspiring trader wanting to achieve consistent long term success
– Stuart McPhee
I just wanted to say thanks and that your course material has absolutely changed my entire perception of the market. P.S. It may be none of my business what you sell your course for, but I sincerely believe your material is worth much, much more !! Thanks and all the best to you
– Danny Miller
Nial, You changed my thinking about trading few months ago. My whole life changed because of spreading your wisdom and experience. I was like you say, machine gunner, had bad track record. Today I am profitable and many people are interested in my results (and one hedge fund manager is also interested. What a change!!!). Here is my growth curve for few months of trading. If my master would want to invest money in his student I would be glad 😛 I write you because I want you to know you do something that really helps people to achieve their dreams and become good and self-confident trader. I really appreciate what you do for me and others. Keep going 🙂 Thank you, really.
– Adam Ondrejicka
Hey Nial, I am glad that I have finally signed up. I like the simple approach and the IB BO’s and Fakey methods suit my personality. To have it reinforced daily with the educational material, commentaries and forums is already helping my discipline. There are a lot of other service providers (including Australian ones)that are pretenders – so I hope for your continued success.
– Bruce
I’ve watched your site, commentary and the level of participants improve considerably over the last few years. kudos and thanks. You are providing the trading public with a real service… and you seem to do it in a very non-selfish way, an anathema to the stereotypes about forex!
– Craig
With respect to the daily market commentary, I also enjoy these and value the expression of your expertise. I find this element of the members section to be most valuable. This is something that I find myself looking forward to in the late afternoon (NY time).
– Bob W

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